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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Promoe: White Man's Burden

1. Up!
2. Time Travellin (w/ Assassin)
3. Songs Of Joy (w/ Capleton)
4. White Man’s Burden
5. In The Morning (w/ Daville)
6. Headache
7. Long Sleeves In The Summer
8. Eurotrash (w/ Leeroy Of Saïan Supa Crew)
9. Musick Bi$$ Apocalypse
10. Post Cards
11. Identity Crisis (w/ Nosliw)
12. Trapped (w/ Kardinal Offishall And Daville)

You can download it: >>>HERE<<<

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Presage: Outer Perimeter

Outer Perimeter is an interesting concept album. Presage create instrumental hip-hop tracks (except for the vocal on the fourth track "Riddles") around the idea of conspiracy theories about economic elite groups such as the Illuminati and The Trilateral Commission plotting to bring about a New World Order where human enslavement takes place around the globe. Clever samples abound along with dope beats and plenty of scratches. (For the uninitiated which could include myself, the word "dope" used in this manner is slang for very good or great I think.) This album may be more fun to listen to than an Alex Jones rant.

You can download it: >>>HERE<<<

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Crain & Vanis: Building Blocks

1. start (crain)
2. flight of the penguin (vanis)
3. the rap (crain)
4. the pusher (vanis)
5. blow it (crain)
6. sunburn (vanis)
7. mcwart bit (crain)
8. 7 a.m. (vanis)
9. just another motherf#@! (crain)
10. as far as you can (vanis)
11. yah (crain)
12. losing balance (vanis)
13. the skit (crain)
14. lorbing for votes (vanis)
15. return of the rustic (crain)
16. along for the ride (vanis)
17. jack the ripper (crain)
18. destiny (vanis)
19. crain's house of ill repute (crain)
20. the one (vanis)
21. moans of the junkie (crain)
22. sky's the limit (vanis)
23. twang to death (crain)
24. earchocolate (vanis)
25. the rap p2 (crain)
26. comein
27. hungarian drakula (crain)
28. make the world go round (vanis)
29. winds from the east (crain)
30. departure (vanis)
31. keep it dark (crain)
32. august
33. honthy blues (crain)
34. airy (vanis)
35. hubert (crain)

You can download it: >>>HERE<<<

Sunday, August 13, 2006

DJ Zeph: Sunset Scavenger

If De La Soul, the Roots, or Q-Tip decided to leave the East Coast, move to the San Francisco Bay Area, and hire a local turntable wizard, DJ Zeph would be an excellent and highly appropriate choice. Zeph, who has a reputation for being one of northern California's more musical hip-hop DJs, shares their alternative rap aesthetic -- an aesthetic that serves him enjoyably well on Sunset Scavenger. The hip-hop vision that Zeph offers on this 2004 release is not confrontational, threatening, or thuggish; there are no violent, thugged-out gangsta rhymes on Sunset Scavenger, and Zeph favors a congenial, good-natured sort of vibe whether he is featuring various MCs (who include Boots, Vursatyl, and Rashaan Ahmed) or providing a hip-hop instrumental. While Zeph's grooves are funky and gritty, they also have a certain jazziness -- the sort of jazziness one associates with experimental rappers such as A Tribe Called Quest, the Jungle Brothers, Digable Planets, Common, and Pete Miser. And like those artists, DJ Zeph is all over the place when it comes to samples. During the course of the album, the West Coast mixmaster samples everything from soul, funk, and disco to fusion and hard bop to Indian music. Clearly, he has eclectic tastes -- too eclectic and far-reaching, perhaps, for hardcore rap audiences. But then, Zeph isn't catering to the sort of listeners who believe that every hip-hop release has to be as hardcore and rugged as Beanie Sigel or DMX -- Sunset Scavenger, in fact, is more likely to appeal to a club/dance/electronica crowd than hip-hop purists. But whoever acquires Sunset Scavenger, this CD paints an attractive picture of Zeph's turntable skills.

You can download it: >>>HERE<<<

Thursday, August 10, 2006

La Phaze: Pungle Roads

01/ Jungleman
02/ Johnny Jamma
03/ Punglist
04/ R.A.S.
05/ Nervous Health
06/ Uniday
07/ La Grande Question
08/ Tatiana
09/ Contexte
10/ Le Transfert
11/ Consumatory
12/ In Jury
13/ Elsol (l'éclipse)

You can download it: >>>HERE<<<

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Scratch: The Embodiment Of Instrumentation

Originally from the Roots crew, Scratch has released a strong debut album despite his choice of rappers. He is the world's first vocal turntablist, as in he scratches with his mouth. And on top of that, his voice is also responsible for all the music, like a beat box, yet far more intense. Scratch layers drums, bass and samples, all made from his mouth, on top of each other to create 100 percent mouth-made beats that come out sounding tight. The only flaw I found on the album was the rhyming; I simply wasn't impressed with them. As for Scratch, however, he defiantly holds his own on this album. Check out for two minute samples of each song, and judge for yourself.

You can download it: >>>HERE<<<

Monday, August 07, 2006

Soulive: Turn It Out Remixed

Few of the DJs and producers onboard are able to correct Soulive's polite dinner-music tendencies on Turn It Out Remixed. As a result, the disc will only appeal to a small percentage of the group's dedicated followers. Me'Shell NdegéOcello, the Beatnuts, J-Live, DJ Spinna, two-fifths of Jurassic 5, and a small cast of lesser-knowns are present; the majority of these people are able to cast a grittier and more lively coating on Soulive's sound, but most of the attempts are for nought. You still get the feeling that the group is best experienced in a live setting. The remix of "Nealization" is one of the more bizarre cuts -- who could've predicted that an acid squiggle and a John Scofield guitar line would ever appear on the same track?

You can download it: >>>HERE<<<